Business Taxes

Business Taxes

Tax Law

Our staff provides primarily tax and consulting services to all of our small businesses owner clients.

Small business owners generally do not have the time or expertise to research all of the current tax and regulatory issues that exist, so we are constantly updating our knowledge to help them. For an example, the hospitality industry has a unique set of challenges. Our experts are well versed in those challenges and with many years of industry experience are ready to assist you with all of your unique needs. Real estate is generally profitable, but highly cyclical in nature. We provide tax advice and consulting in the areas of timing and depreciation for all of our real estate clients so that they may achieve their goals in the most expeditious manner. The insurance and finance market industries are also highly regulated by both the state insurance departments, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. We provide audit, tax services and consulting in this industry as well. We are well versed in multiple industries besides the examples above, and are available for consultations to help you plan your financial needs.

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