Natassija Williams

Natassija Williams

Natassija Williams

Staff Accountant

Why Accounting

Being a person that strives for accuracy, I can appreciate when things “add up” pun intended. In accounting there is a beginning and an end, working to find out how we get there has always been exciting to me. My goal is to deliver an exceptional product each and every time. I am meticulous and understand that it’s the detail that creates the bigger picture.

Type of Clients

I like clients that are open to new but efficient ways of problem solving, who want an optimal result without sacrificing integrity in the process.


Industry Experience

Linda has worked in every accounting position available in the industry, from AP/AR to CFO. This broad expanse of experience gives her a unique approach to solving problems and finding solutions for your business. She has hands-on and supervisory experience with everything from health insurance selection and purchase to tax returns. This gives you the opportunity to work with a full-service business consultant.

Favorite treat

All things sweet.

Favorite Hobbies

I enjoy spending time with my family, watching my baby grow up. I love to travel and visit new places while I’m not adventurous, I am curious. I like to tap into my artistic side when I can, writing, painting, and creating. I also like to read and listen to music.

Favorite community service activity

Every year I try to volunteer time at local salons to style children’s hair for back to school. I enjoy being able to speak with them and encourage them while helping them build confidence.